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23 June 2024
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About Christ Temple World
Outreach Center


You are Welcome!

Welcome to the official website of Christ Temple World Outreach Center. Whether you are just surfing through the internet or you came here specifically to learn more about Christ Temple, we’re glad you stopped by.

Our desire at Christ Temple is to make you feel welcomed and to share the love of God with each person who comes our way. We strive to create an atmosphere where you can feel safe no matter where you are or where you come from because Christ Temple is a place where purpose is being fulfilled.

You can connect with us in different ways and we hope you will choose one of them: become a fan on Facebook, join our mailling list or visit us here in Darby, PA.

Wherever you are, know that we have a place for you in the kingdom’s business and together we can change lives. Thanks for visiting; we hope you’ll come back again soon!

About Us

It’s the dawn of a new Day ! At Christ Temple

At Christ Temple, we are experiencing a new day and its an exciting time. The days of God’s visitation are not the days of Preparation. The Bride (The Church) has made herself ready. In order to be effective and relevant to our world in line with the directive of the Holy Spirit, Christ Temple has embarked on a CHANGE.

To this end the church has been restructured to function in line with its core purposes which are: membership, maturity, evangelism and mission, ministry and worship. The leadership of Christ Temple is now constituted of the aforementioned in addition to the Junior Church Administration. The other Directorates of Christ Temple are;

Membership Team: Saddled with the responsibility of C.A.R.E (Contact, Assist, Relate and Encourage members of the church)

Maturity Team: Coordinates all activities aimed at maturing the saints in the church.

Evangelism and Missions Team : Coordinates all activities aimed at winning new members into the fellowship system of the church.

Ministry Team: Oversees all specialized ministries and outreaches of the church.

Worship Team: Supplies music and worship for all major services and encourages every member to have a personal fellowship with God.

Junior Church: Coordinates all activities of the Junior Church.

Administration: Ensures the smooth running of the church office and other para-ministry activities.