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New Year Resolutions

August 31, 2021

Sometimes you feel so close to God and you feel a fire of revival within you. You are praying more, fasting more, sharing the gospel more, spending more time in the Word etc. You feel invincible and determined to stay in this mode not allowing anything to distract you from your newly-found passion for the things of God. However, in the deep corner of your heart there’s an unsettling feeling. You try to shut it down but it persists.

You are nervous because this in not the first time you’ve had such a strong passion for God. You pursued God with everything within you but the fervor didn’t last for long. So now you hear a voice whispering to you that you can’t keep this up and that you’ll end up disappointing God and yourself as in times past. Now you are nervous about  making Him feel as though He can’t trust you again.

Does it feel like I’m reading your mind?

Well, newsflash.  Truth is:

  1. That voice is right, YOU CAN NOT KEEP THIS UP. Not by your power, willpower, determination or self-discipline. These will help, but you won’t go far just relying on them.
  3. He already made provision for those days when you won’t feel like you feel right now. He sees you beyond your feelings. Just like David in Psalm 23. Sometimes we need the Lord, our Shepherd to RESTORE our souls. Not because we’ve lost our faith or because we’re turning away from God, but sometimes the storms of life can weary our souls. It is in these times that we turn to the One who restores our souls. More like He ‘resets’ our souls.

God knows what you are made of. It is He who gives the grace and power to walk with Him.

My friend, you can quit fretting about failing or falling again. Just like a child learning to walk, sometimes you may stumble and at times you may feel like you’ll fall flat on your face. No matter what the case may be, you can rest in the assurance that He will not leave you or forsake you. He will always be there to carry you. Stay connected by faith knowing He’s your source that never runs dry even when you feel dry and empty. Remember that it is in Him you live, move, and have your being. Let Him carry you this time.

I pray that you will enjoy your daily walk with God, firmly rooted in the assurance that His grace is more than enough for all you need now or in the future.

Be reminded of this truth as often as you need.

His mercies are new. EVERY. DAY.

Have a victorious day as you enjoy a closer walk with Him.